About Us

Social networking has become a necessity for the modern age. Living in a new environment presents the need for people to communicate and connect on a deeper level. Thanks to technology, it has become easier for individuals looking for applications and software that can help to promote connections with people within an area. However, even with all of these advancements in technology, there is still a void in social networking.


Thanks to innovative thinking, I have been able to create an application that has completely transformed the social media world. I am Terrence Caple, the founder of ‘Sochial Tyme’, and my passion for business and the latest technology has led to the creation of this innovative iOS app that helps to foster relationships between humans on a level that very few applications can. I am a 27-year old Milwaukee native who enjoys being active and spending time with friends and family. For a long period, I worked on creating this mobile app that can present people with the opportunity to relate with each other closely. I got inspired to create Sochial Tyme in order to help people who had just moved into a new town to make friends and share interests.


Have you ever moved into a new town and wondered how in the world you are supposed to make new friends? Not to worry! Sochial Tyme is the perfect platform for you to get this done with a lot of ease. It comes with a simplistic design and easy to use interface that helps you focus on the basics of creating human relationships. The application also comes with a number of amazing features, like allowing people to share their hobbies, presenting the chance to meet people that share the same likes and dislikes as you do. You can also add yourself to a number of groups and create various events and categories for your friends to attend.


I have also understood a number of problems that people have when it comes to social networking applications, and have made necessary improvements to ensure that users do not encounter the same problems when using other similar applications. Sochial Tyme is incredibly safe, and does not disclose user information unless it is specified that you want your details to be shared.


Another fantastic feature of Sochial Tyme is that you can send and receive notifications about the places that are trending within the city. The same can be done for events happening within the area. This is very useful for people who just move into an area and are looking for the best places and events to visit.


Making friends on Sochial Tyme is simple, you can just send a friend request, or request to be included in events happening around the city. You can also block certain users that you do not want to participate. The application has a very simple design, and its intuitive interface provides you with all the capabilities you need from a social app.


Join the latest trend today, and let Sochial Tyme transform your life!