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Sochial Tyme is an app that lets you connect with others who share your interest.
Meet up with locals, and make new friends

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In this modern day era of socializing, we present to you our master creation: Sochial Tyme. Now of course you’ll start the app with a fresh new account, it’s a simple sign up process. So we bring some extra bit of fun for you with social networking and local meet ups on the go. Sochial Tyme aims to connect you and bring you the feel of the internet world into your real life.  Sochial Tyme brings you a completely different experience where you can find people locally and be friends with them.


Social Tyme is easy to use. All you need to do is sign up and discover the amazing features we have for you. Start up by adding your details. Who knows, your next movie date might be just around the corner. Your detailed profile helps other Sochial Tymer’s to have a better idea about you and to get to know you. Sochial tyme connects you with the world.

Sochial Tyme helps you communicate with people, and most importantly, it also give you the option of creating new events. And to be able to have streamlined attention of your fellows, you can select a category for your event. This way people can join in for your event and can get all the details they want. Socializing was never this easy. Sochial Tyme acts as a medium to advertise and spread the word about your event using the true power of social media.


Social Tyme also brings you closer to your new friends. The platform is user friendly and designed in a way that it makes your social activity smooth and productive. All you need to do is download the application and explore people nearby. It is always good to have someone who shares similar interests. Update to our latest version of “Social Tyme” to have an improved experience with an option to make your profile private along with many more attractions for you to explore yourself.

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